our mission: female empowerment, let the ladies decide over their swimwear and to hell with the so-called “ideal” bikini-figure!

BikiniARTmuseum –  The World’s First Swimwear Community!

The world’s first museum for swimwear and bathing culture, called the BikiniARTmuseum, is located just inside the Best Western Hotel building. An interactive, multimedia time travel all around the bikini, the nicest piece of clothing, awaits its guests here. Prepare for a journey full of scandal, style icons and big moments. What’s special: The art exponents from all over the world are embedded in rooms of visionary interior design and multimedia stagings. Let yourself get carried away by the variety of entertainment and interactivity and enjoy our more than 1.000 exponents from 3 centuries and all continents! The BikiniARTmuseum is essentially 2 things: provocative and so feminist. Get ready for a stirring getaway experience at this lifestyle museum! 

What’s there to see at the BikiniARTmuseum? - History, ART and a lot of interactivity!

More than 1.000 unique exponents staged through a multimedia time travel across the globe.  

HISTORY: From full bath clothing in 1880 to female liberalness. A journey through 3 centuries across the globe. 

ART: Paintings, photography and plastic art - surprising rarities and unique pieces of art from all over the world. 

MOVE: Multimedia stagings and interactive installations. 

Buchäckerring 42
74906 Bad Rappenau

Tel.: +49 7066-9173700
Fax: +49 7066/9173701

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