The advantages of the Smarthotel service:  

  • Send your registration form in advance, so that only a signature is required during your Smart Check-in
  • Share your room preferences with your hotel
  • Secure and fast mobile payment 
  • Information about your hotel accessible via the app 
  • Use your phone as your room key (subject to availability) 
  • Avoid queueing in the morning thanks to the Smart Check-out

Pre Check-in

With the Pre Check-in feature, information such as the pre-filled registration form and any room requests are sent to the hotel in advance. The hotel can prepare your arrival, which saves you valuable time. 

Arriving at your hotel

The front desk will be informed of your arrival and can prepare everything for your Smart Check-in. All you have to do is sign the registration form and pay for your room via the mobile payment feature to finalize the process. 

Digital key for your hotel room (subject to availability)

The front desk can send you your room key directly through the conichi app. Your smartphone becomes your door key and you no longer need to carry a card or a key to open your hotel room. 

At the hotel 

During your stay, you can access all the information you need about your hotel through the app at any time. What time breakfast is served, opening times for the hotel restaurants and bars or information about the spa and wellness services - it’s all available in the hotel’s profile. 

Smart Check-out 

The Smart Check-out saves you having to queue up at front desk in the morning. Simply trigger the Check-out from the room or even from the taxi and pay any additional costs, such as for mini bar items. The invoice will be sent directly to the email address stored in your profile.

The conichi app

After registration - via Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing or email address - complete the digital registration form with your personal details  in the app. You also have the option of entering both a private and a business billing address. In order to use the Smart Check-out and mobile payment, a payment method must be entered. Here, it is possible to distinguish between business and private credit cards (important: payments are protected by a secure payment system in accordance with PCI guidelines).


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